Mobile Laboratories

Electrical laboratories are used to detect cable faults, to perform high-voltage tests of power lines and electrical substations, to locate short circuits, as well as to test power cables and transformers. With only one laboratory, you can inspect many locations without having to invest in equipment for each one.

Our laboratories are equipped with BAUR, Megger and GE equipment according to your individual specifications. For your convenience, almost any diagnostic equipment can be added for your specific application needs.

Our most flexible design allows the use of a large variety of vehicles such as GAZ, GAZELLE, KRAZ, KamAZ, URAL, UAZ, MAZ, ZIL, trailers and semi-trailers as well as foreign brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford or Fiat.

In addition to our electro-technical laboratories, we offer mobile labs for cathodic protection, pipe line inspection, non-destructive testing, fiber-optic inspection, and metrology as well as mobile workshops. Speak with our experts about your individual application.