Thermal Imaging Equipment

A thermal imaging camera can measure the absolute temperature of surfaces and visualize the smallest temperature differences. In technical applications, it can reliably detect problems before they become an issue or indicate areas with high energy loss. Utilizing these capabilities in the medical field, it can remotely detect symptoms like fever or hypothermia. Through the excellent thermal sensitivity and the resistance of darkness, the thermal infrared technology is extremely powerful in surveillance missions.

We carry models suitable for general thermal inspections, scientific research, firefighting, maritime patrols, power lines surveys, medical examinations, security applications, gas leak detection, hunting, and wildlife surveillance.

Depending on your application, we recommend one of the models from FLIR, Testo, Fluke, Guide, Opgal and our own PERGAM brand.

In addition to the thermal imaging equipment, we provide blower door equipment. A blower door test reveals air leaks by temporarily pulling air out of a home and lowering air pressure inside, resulting in outside air coming in. It is a very powerful tool for energy audits and works perfectly in combination with thermal imaging cameras.


OFIL Systems is the leading provider of UV cameras for smart monitoring of high-voltage power lines, generators, distribution substations, motors and rotors. OFIL UV cameras are successfully used in the field as well in research and test laboratories.

The unique UV technology detects corona and partial discharges and allows an assessment of the condition of assets quickly.

The OFIL DayCor and UVolle camera series are the most efficient tool for corona inspections. OFIL Systems equipment is used around the world in various industries. UV-cameras are widely used in all major transmission networks, energy companies, thermal and nuclear power engineering, oil and gas refining, and mining operations.

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