Underground Diagnostics

Utilities are constantly looking for diagnostic tools to locate cables and accessories in weakened condition that are likely to fail. Our equipment allows a proactive maintenance approach to replace or repair equipment prior to failure. Using our locators, ground-penetrating radars, and leak detectors you can easily pinpoint cables and pipelines, assess them and detect leaks.

Our qualified sales specialists are glad to help you find the best equipment for your exact needs.

Together with our training center, we offer hands-on application training for all Radiodetection, Primayer, Mala GS, and Pearpoint equipment.

Public utilities, road construction companies and all parties involved in underground construction can benefit from PERGAMs underground diagnostic tools.

  • Locators
  • GPR
  • Locating of Plastic Pipes
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Monitoring of Water Networks
  • Pipeline Video Inspection
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Metal Locator
  • No-Dig Trenchless Technology
  • TDR /Cable Test
  • Surveying of Pipelines
  • Accessories